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May 5, 2017

What is a neobank?

Symbolizing the beginning of a new era in the banking sector, the neobank presents itself as the solution that is revolutionizing banking, emphasizing the customer experience and services designed to help individual and professional users on a daily basis. Under the name "mobile first", "mobile only" or "100% mobile", the neobank provides its customers with the tools to manage their banking flows, without necessarily having a computer at hand.

Neobanking vs. traditional and online banking

While online banking marked the first step in the transformation of the banking sector, by offering a dematerialized structure and presenting on the Internet the operations that can be carried out at the counter, the neobank is a 100% mobile bank, which goes as far as imagining services adapted to the needs of customers who carry out their banking operations through a mobile application only.

Neo-banks were created to meet, above all, customer needs that traditional banks are unable to meet. The focus is on the customer experience and support in their daily tasks. Neobanks differ from online banks in that they are accessible only or mainly through their websites. This ease of access aims to provide customers with useful non-banking services, in order to save them time and optimize their operations.

Reinventing the standards of banking at a lower cost than traditional players or online banks: this is the objective of neobanks today.

Olkypay, the neobank that adapts to its customers' behavior to better meet their needs

Recognized and rewarded in France and Luxembourg for its engineering in terms of payment services and instruments, Olkypay is a fully-fledged neo-bank whose offer is based on a platform integrating multiple transversal payment methods including SDD (Sepa Direct Debit), SCT (Sepa Credit Transfer), TIP-SEPA and credit cards.

Olkypay also offers professionals the opportunity to be paid by their customers through different payment methods, without having to rely on a third party, such as a bank for example, thus reducing the time needed to collect payments.

Craftsmen, merchants, self-entrepreneurs, associations, professionals, real estate companies, landlords, small and medium-sized businesses and administrations that use Olkypay services today benefit from the services of a neobank that cares about their constraints and objectives, and responds to their needs with inventive and useful solutions adapted to professionals. In this respect, Olkypay is the only neobank to offer a system for recovering unpaid debts that is accessible to everyone, even small businesses. Instead of the traditional long and expensive solutions (multiple reminders by phone or mail, collection companies, bailiffs, etc.), Olkypay offers an automated solution that is easy to implement and has exceptional recovery rates.

Olkypay at the service of professionals

From the simple opening of an account to the provision of useful services on a daily basis, Olkypay focuses on ease, transparency, accessibility and competitive prices for professionals. Globally, professionals who choose Olkypay benefit from a set of services, including the following:

Various solutions to collect customers (physical or virtual POS, VAD, SDD,...) and pay suppliers

Processing of SEPA transactions and bank cards

Unsurpassed collect debt and collection performance with a collection factory used by major creditors and many small and medium-sized businesses

The creation of private bank cards and their issuance to employees and/or end customers

TWhile preserving the commercial relationship with customers and controlling its banking costs.

Thanks to a multi-medium payment interface (SDD, SCT, TIP-SEPA...) as well as powerful mechanisms for collecting outstanding payments (representation, splitting), reporting adapted to creditors and easy integration solutions, Olkypay enables professionals to optimize their collections and improve their performance. Through simple settings, Olkypay allows creditors to adjust the intensity of payment mechanisms and optimize the efficiency of their collections. As a result, the relationship between the creditor and the debtor remains unaltered, free from discussions about overdue payments or bank fees systematically applied to accounts that are not funded. A solution exclusively offered by Olkypay to professionals, to continue to progress and maintain good relations with their customers.