The KYC passport for individuals and professionals

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The KYC passport for individuals and professionals

OlkyPass saves you the tedious process of knowing your customer (KYC) and secures your relations with service providers who accept it.

OlkyPass ensures total confidentiality of your information which is neither disclosed nor used for commercial purposes.

You remain in control of your data

Identification by multiple aliases, public or private, leaves you in control of your data at any time, both for updating and deleting.

A service offered by Algoreg

Algoreg is a highly configurable identity verification, multilingual video onboarding and AML/CFT risk assessment platform.


An international presence

offices in Europe

Olky is established in Luxembourg and runs 3 offices in France


Olky currently covers a clientele in 33 countries, mainly in Europe


users of our services

Since its creation, Olky has offered its services to more than 1 million users, making it one of the fastest-growing Fintechs.