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  • The documents we will ask you for depend on your business situation. This is generally the TCR, the statutes, a proof of address, an identity document (sometimes two) and a dated and signed selfie.

  • The monthly subscription to the Olky Pro account is €19.90. For more details, please consult the online fees.

  • The opening of an FR account is free of charge. Opening a LU account costs €500.

  • Yes, your company name appears on your Bank Details and Olky Pro Account.

  • You can request as many Olky Pro business cards as you wish, for example for you and your employees or collaborators. Just fill in an online form and electronically sign the T&Cs. You will receive your cards at home within 8 days.

  • You have control over the management of all the Business debit cards you asked for : you set the available amount per card and you have a statement of transactions for each card. Cardholders to whom you have given a card also have web-banking access allowing them to track their payments and withdrawals.

  • You have a wide choice of collection solutions. The virtual EPT is the most economical since the subscription is free. You can use your phone to cash in by credit card. For more frequent collections, you can choose a fixed, mobile or virtual EPT. As a beneficiary, you can use the KYPAY payment instrument, which gives you unparalleled collection flexibility, if your customer is an OlkyPass holder.

  • Yes, this is perfectly possible! All you have to do is create your direct debit mandates via online account access and ask your tenants to sign manually or electronically.

  • Thousands of companies use the Olky Pro account for their business activities, most of them with satisfaction. But some have tried to open an Olky Pro account for illegal or reprehensible transactions. In these particular circumstances, we are obliged to request proof of transactions and refuse to execute them when they breach the law. The affected customers who do not accept these decisions are usually the authors of these negative opinions.

  • The cheque is nowadays an obsolete and insecure means of payment, often refused by merchants and administrations. Olkypay is not a check issuer and does not offer their collection but proposes modern and secure alternative solutions : Virtual EPT, SDD, KYPAY payment instrument.

  • To connect to your Web Banking, you have to key-in a 6-digit security code downloaded on your smartphone via the Google Authenticator application. This 6-digit code is renewed every 30 seconds and must be entered each time you connect to Web Banking. Moreover, a secret key has been communicated to you. In the event you change or lose your Smartphone, this key allows you to link your new Smartphone to your web-banking access. To do this, go to the Google Authenticator application, press '+', then 'configuration key entry' to enter your secret key. In all cases, do not hesitate to consult our Web Banking user manual.

  • To connect to your Web Banking, you have to key-in a 6-digit security code by downloading the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone. If unfortunately you are no longer able to access it, please contact our customer support by sending your selfie: a good quality photo of you, holding your identity document in your hand, as well as a handwritten note which reads 'Request for renewal secret code + IBAN of the Olky Pro Account + current date + name + first name + signature'.
    We do realize this takes up some of your time, but it helps keep your account secure.

  • To meet the security requirements imposed by the Second Directive on Payment Services (PSD2), the authentication of your online payments made with your Mastercard card has evolved.
    Indeed, simple authentication by sending a code via SMS does not meet the double authentication criteria.
    From now on, your online payments must be authenticated by sending a one-time code by SMS and entering a password.

    To do this, you must register your card on the 3D Secure registration portal: https://olkypay.portal.worldline-solutions.com/olkypay/

  • In this case, please contact our customer support with a selfie of you attached, holding your ID / passport in your hand + an handwritten note 'For Olky, request 3DS reset + date + signature' so that we can reset the registration of your card on the 3D Secure portal.
    We do realize this takes up some of your time, but it helps keep your account secure.

  • For instant payment to be effective, you must verify that the beneficiary's bank accepts instant transfers and that there are no errors in entering the beneficiary's data. Please note that this service is only available in the SEPA zone.

  • Your bank card may be refused for several reasons:
    - Transactions are in progress on your card account following recent purchases, therefore the actual balance does not match the balance displayed
    - Your payment or withdrawal limit has been exceeded
    - The 3D Secure system has not been activated for online payments on the following site: https://olkypay.portal.worldline-solutions.com/olkypay/

  • First, note that this service is only available on working days.
    Second, bear in mind that funds will only be available within 15 minutes after recharging your card account.

  • Such letters are sent to the same sending address as the Mastercard. Please make sure that your name appears at this address and regularly check receipt of mail. If the problem persists, contact our customer support.

  • It is true that we may request the same documents several times when the ones received are invalid or of poor quality and therefore cannot be used by our services. In such case, we repeat the request.

  • There is only one OlkyPay website, namely: www.olky.eu. Other sites you might find are scam sites, created by scammers. Always use the official website www.olky.eu to access your Web Banking space via the 'connection' button and be careful about the domain name shown on the site you go to. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us directly and only through customer support.