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Cryptos and euros in the same Wallet with IBAN

(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Kycoin,...)

Discover OlkyWallet in 1 min

Convert your euros and your digital assets, quick and easy.


A wallet to distribute your assets and automate your purchase orders

Convert your euros and your digital assets, quick and easy.

Send and receive securely euros and cryptos by simple Alias. Plan your automatic transfers and investments.

Obtain a bank card associated with your OlkyWallet.

All-in-one web banking

  • OlkyWallet is directly accessible via your Olky Web banking
  • Its content adapts to the evolution of markets and technologies

Track crypto prices directly in your application

  • Monitor crypto prices from a list of favorites
  • Automate your purchases and transfers

Earn Kycoin rewards

  • KYCOIN is a utility token that allows you to earn rewards each time you are using one of the Olky services
  • It is currently offered in a pilot phase on the private register of the Olky group
  • KYCOIN, held in the OlkyWallet, is one of the components of the KYPAY payment instrument, interoperable in the SEPA zone with the European EPI project

An international presence

offices in Europe

Olky is established in Luxembourg and runs 3 offices in France


Olky currently covers a clientele in 33 countries, mainly in Europe


users of our services

Since its creation, Olky has offered its services to more than 1 million users, making it one of the fastest-growing Fintechs.