Are you a CASP or a token issuer?
Discover OIky’s Web 3.0 services

With OlkyPay, I found a banking provider open to my Crypto activity

I have been looking for a payment service provider for 6 months, and finally found a neobank that understands my needs and my business sector.

  • Quick and easy onboarding for Olky Pro accounts
  • Crypto transactions friendly
  • DLT euro transactions within KYPAY on-chain

Solutions for CASP or crypto intermediary

All banking services for my business activities!

  • Opening a Olky Pro payment Account
  • Acquisition of payment operations by card, instant payment, SEPA transfer, KYPAY
  • Segregation and ring-fencing of client’s funds
  • Opening of retail payment accounts for your customers
  • OlkyPass service: the KYC passport for your customers

Solutions for token issuer
(Security Token, NFT, Crypto, ICOs)

KYPAY on-chain, the first tokenized payment instrument!

  • KYPAY on-chain, tokenized payment instrument for processing fiat and stable coins transactions
  • Instant DVP (Delivery Versus Payment) within swap smart contracts
  • Compatible with all crypto-assets and tokens (MiCA crypto-assets, NTFs, tokenized real-world assets)
  • Scalable solution within Polygon DLT (Ethereum)
  • OlkyPass service: the KYC passport for your customers

Meet our experts


Olky will be present at the Paris Blockchain Week 2024 to present its offering

Olky Group will be present at the Carrousel du Louvre for the Paris Blockchain Week on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of April.
The Paris Blockchain Week is the meeting place for all key players involved in blockchain and web 3.0 industry
Olky will present its new web 3.0 payment solutions as well as the 2024-2026 roadmap for its OlkyWallet offering.
Meet the Olky team at our booth and join our Keynote on April 10th at 11am.
We look forward to welcoming you and discussing your projects.

They trust us

Digital Service
Tokeny solutions
Summit mining

Olky, a banking service that focuses
on sector of Web 3.0

Discover the interview with our expert Olky, at the Surfin’Bitcoin 2023 Days

Xavier, digital expert at Olky, presents the neobank services to facilitate the opening of your Pro Account online.

Discover Olky, the dedicated Crypto-friendly neobank!

See the interview

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Lancement de KYPAY on-chain par OlkyPay

OlkyPay lance KYPAY on-chain, le premier instrument de paiement qui assure le Delivery Versus Payment (« DVP ») dans la blockchain et permet d’accéder, sans point de friction, aux systèmes de paiement...

Olky contribue aux réflexions stratégiques du HCJP

Olky, membre de l’écosystème Web 3 en France, contribue aux réflexions stratégiques du HCJP sur la transposition de MiCA en France et dans le reste de l’UE.Le Haut Comité Juridique de la Place de Pari...

Retour sur la participation d’Olky au salon “Luxembourg Blockchain Week” 2023

Quelques semaines après sa participation à Surfin’Bitcoin, Olky a eu le privilège de prendre part à la deuxième édition du salon “Luxembourg Blockchain Week”, un événement multi- sites qui s’est dérou...

Retour sur la participation d’Olky au salon « Surfin’ Bitcoin » 2023

Chaque année a lieu à Biarritz le Surfin’ Bitcoin, rendez-vous incontournable des acteurs et passionnés du Bitcoin. Cet événement, qui rassemble experts, entreprises et utilisateurs autour des derniè...

Le groupe Olky se tourne vers le web3 : Nouvelle filiale et renfort stratégique

Coin Academy parle de nous ! Découvrez l'article qui parle de notre vision et renfort stratégique autour du Web3.0 avec l'arrivée de Karima Lachgar Voir l'article

Accélération de la stratégie Web3 du groupe OLKY et recrutement de Karima Lachga...

Le groupe Olky, groupe financier basé au Luxembourg et en France, évolue depuis 2011 dans le secteur des paiements, de la Fintech et de l’Open Banking. En marge de la Luxembourg Blockchain Week 2023 d...

OlkyPay accompagne les grandes plateformes de crypto

Encore assez méconnues du public, les cryptomonnaies font partie des prochains axes à surveiller en termes de futur du paiement. Aujourd’hui nombreuses, elles se multiplient depuis la création en 2008...

OlkyPay is also aimed equally at
all sectors of activity

  • Artisans, Independents
  • Manager of VSE and SME, GE
  • E-commerce
  • Trustees, Lawyers
  • Construction, Public Works
  • Cryptos, PSAN/CASPs
  • Associations
  • Technology, Start-up
  • Catering

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An international presence

offices in Europe

Olky is established in Luxembourg and runs 4 offices in France


Olky currently covers a clientele in 33 countries, mainly in Europe


users of our services

Since its creation, Olky has offered its services to more than 1 million users, making it one of the fastest-growing Fintechs.


A universe of services around your neobank OlkyPay CSSF & ACPR approved

Olky is the complete solution for managing your professional account, verifying the identity of your customers and benefiting from an wallet to receive, convert and send your euros and cryptos quick and easy.