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The Olky account is intended for commercial, financial and industrial companies of all sizes, but also for individuals, anywhere in Europe.

All your banking services:

  • Transfers
  • Instant Payment
  • Visa, CB and Mastercard collections
  • Issue of bank cards
  • Payment terminals
  • Virtual EPT
  • Core and BtoB direct debits
  • Electronic mandates
  • Automatic collection of outstanding payments
  • KYPAY payment instrument

All-in-one Web Banking

Quick opening of an Olky account with IBAN of your choice FR or LU. Web Banking allows you to efficiently manage your cash flow, your customers and your suppliers and to monitor your receipts and payments.

A choice between various payment cards

  • Maximum withdrawals: €5 000,00 p/w
  • Payment ceiling: €10 000,00 p/w
As cheap as €9,90 p/m Pricing details

An international presence

offices in Europe

Olky is established in Luxembourg and runs 4 offices in France


Olky currently covers a clientele in 33 countries, mainly in Europe


users of our services

Since its creation, Olky has offered its services to more than 1 million users, making it one of the fastest-growing Fintechs.

Open to all business sectors

  • Company formation and capital deposit
  • Craftsmen, self-employed
  • E-commerces
  • Public works & construction
  • Fiduciaries, lawyers
  • Cryptos, Web 3.0
  • High risk sectors

A universe of services around your neobank OlkyPay CSSF & ACPR approved

Olky is the complete solution for managing your professional account, verifying the identity of your customers and benefiting from an wallet to receive, convert and send your euros and cryptos quick and easy.


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