KYPAY, The Payment Instrument that secures both buyer and seller

Discover KYPAY on-chain!

The strength of KYPAY is to build trust for buyer and seller through a settlement trigger that is activated if conditions set by the parties are met.

  • By ensuring KYC of both parties
  • No need to change your banking partner
  • Without Distance Selling contract
  • By allowing to collect the cash through Credit Card, SCT, Instant Transfer
  • For all activities, even high risk

Use cases from our customers

I am a

I use KYPAY to allow my clients to deposit funds in advance in order to execute their crypto while respecting assets protection rules (segregation of crypto ad funds).

I sell

I use KYPAY to collect payments from my customers remotely by card or by instant transfer without a Distance Selling contract and without changing of banking partner.

I tokenize Real Estate Assets

I use KYPAY on-chain to carry out my clients' KYC and ensure the swap of euros against tokens. The next step is to rely on the smart contracts developed for KYPAY on-chain for providing to token holders a secondary market.

Process of a KYPAY transaction



The seller and the buyer carry out an OlkyPass KYC.


Configuration of the conditions

The seller defines the conditions of the fund transfer.


The buyer pays in euros on the KYPAY Page

The buyer pays by credit card or instant transfer to a non-Ibanized KYPAY account


OlkyPay validates the transaction

OlkyPay, as an intermediary, validates the transaction if all conditions set by the Parties are met.


The seller receives his cash

OlkyPay makes a SEPA transfer to the seller. The seller delivers its good or service to the buyer.

The KYPAY on-chain option for tokenised assets

KYPAY also becomes KYPAY on-chain to adapt to Web 3.0 needs thus offering more flexibility, transparency and security for your transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, KYPAY on-chain is NOT a euro stable coin.
    KYPAY on-chain is designed as the mirroring, in the blockchain, of KYPAY which is a payment instrument within the meaning of PSD 2 (directive (EU) 2015/2366). KYPAY was created by OlkyPay in 2015 under the name TIP-SEPA for serving Payers willing to transfer fiat money to given Beneficiaries.
    Frictionless by design, KYPAY on-chain reduces considerably intermediation costs and maintains the confidence of banking partners (by maintaining liquidity in the segregated banking accounts until the time of the transaction settlement (i.e. swap between tokens/ crypto-assets).
    The exchange smart contracts deployed in open source by Olky’s IT teams guarantee the on-chain DVP. The Beneficiary (who has previously entered the bank identifier of his choice) is automatically credited with the amount of the payment transaction in euros or can opt for a conversion in AgEUR (the Euro stable coin of the DEFI decentralised protocol Angle). Ag EUR can be quickly converted by the Beneficiary into other crypto currencies (ETH, BTC, Solana, etc.).

  • KYPAY on-chain covers all use cases involving exchange of crypto-assets against tokens (whatever their legal qualification) to the extent such tokens are registered and circulate on a blockchain.
    The KYPAY on-chain is a permissioned tokenised payment instrument already available on Polygon (Ethereum) and can be deployed on other distributed ledgers upon request. KYPAY on-chain ensures total transparency of transactions for the users ecosystem while maintaining confidentiality and protection of personal data.

  • KYPAY on-chain allows you to collect euro or crypto funds (via OlkyPay's DASP registered agents) and trace them on the blockchain whether they are collected within traditional or innovative payment methods:

    • Instant Payments;
    • SEPA transfers;
    • SEPA Direct Debit;
    • Bank cards;
    • Cryptocurrencies and other stable coins.

    • Issuer of tokens registered and circulating on the blockchain?
    • Financial intermediary or crypto intermediary?

    The set-up is easy to plug and the same for all tokens issuers or intermediaries. You need to integrate the KYPAY Payment Page into you user journey via an API library. API documentation is available here:
    To integrate KYPAY on-chain, Olky Team will provide you any necessary technical support and assistance. Contact Olky team at:

10 years of Know-How in Issuing Payment Instruments

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