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January 15, 2024

A feedback on Olky’s participation in the Luxembourg Blockchain Week 2023 Exhibition

A few weeks after its participation in Surfin'Bitcoin, Olky had the privilege of taking part in the second edition of the “Luxembourg Blockchain Week”, a multi-site event which took place from October 9 to 13 throughout Luxembourg. This conference offered attendants an excellent way to familiarize themselves and deepen their knowledge on emerging technologies, such as blockchain, cybersecurity, decentralized finance (DeFi), interoperability or decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). This allowed Olky to strengthen its commitment in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Olky presence at Luxembourg Blockchain Week resulted in a leading collaboration

It was important for Olky to fully assert its involvement in Luxembourg Blockchain Week, going beyond the simple role of participant or stakeholder and taking on the role of sponsor.

This initiative illustrates Olky's desire to play a leading role in the cryptocurrency sector and support the innovations pertained in this ecosystem.

As a sponsor of the event, Olky was proudly represented at the location through various communication supports (posters, Roll up) as well as on the show website.

The payment institution was thus able to promote OlkyPay, its banking solution adapted to High Risk activities, tailored for investors in cryptocurrencies.

To put it simply, OlkyPay allows individuals and businesses to open an account online, and to benefit from a full range of banking services (transfers, instant payments, etc.) essential to their long-term growth.

For investors in cryptocurrencies or entrepreneurs operating in this environment, OlkyPay positions itself as a complete banking solution, fully meeting their needs.

A way to network with ecosystem leaders

Olky management had the privilege of participating in the VIP GALA DINNER, a unique moment allowing side meetings and discussions with professionals from crypto and the fintech sector in general.

This networking opportunity gave the Olky team the means to build valuable connections and discuss the latest trends and innovations with key players in the field, affirming once again its commitment to the blockchain and cryptocurrency environment.

Our key interventions at Luxembourg Blockchain Week

This participation also resulted in the intervention of two key members of the Olky team during specialized workshops.

Xavier Rouayroux, Head of Full-Stack Development at OlkyPay, participated in the debate on “Innovative Perspectives on Tokenization”, organized by Tokeny, along with 4 other well-known experts. It was an opportunity for him to highlight the importance and impact of this technology in the cryptocurrency sector and finance in general.

For her part, Karima Lachgar, Legal Director of the Olky Group and CEO of OlkyWallet, provided her expertise during the workshop organized by Société Générale on the theme of “The Massive Adoption of Tokenized Assets and Cryptoassets During the Years to Come".

Their interventions clearly demonstrated Olky’s expertise and ability to innovate in this market.

An unforgettable experience

Ultimately, Luxembourg Blockchain Week 2023 was a truly significant experience for Olky and its entire team, consolidating at the same time its position as a leading neobank, both for professionals and individuals.

In addition, this event offered the payment institution a stage to present its wide range of banking services adapted to the specific needs of this industry, but also to highlight the development of its innovative services, such as OlkyPass and OlkyWallet, which will officially see the light of day at the end of 2023 for one and during 2024 for the other.

Olky would like to thank its customers for the rich and precious moments of discussion and exchange that took place during the event and will remain memorable for its team.

In the end, this second edition of the Luxembourg Blockchain Week contributed to the development of Olky’s reputation and image on the Luxembourg market.

The whole team looks forward to participating in future such crypto events.

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