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November 8, 2023

A look back at Olky's participation in "Surfin' Bitcoin" 2023

Every year, Surfin’ Bitcoin takes place in Biarritz, an unmissable event for Bitcoin players and enthusiasts. This event, which brings together experts, business managers and users around the latest innovations in the ecosystem of the very first cryptocurrency ever, was an opportunity for Olky to highlight its vision as a partner neobank, both on its stand and during the workshop it led.

Its objective was to demonstrate that a neobank that wants to be open to crypto cannot simply be a conventional payment institution or a mere openbanking player but that it must support and offer the services of a platform combining fiat and crypto and commit itself to meeting the specific requirements of this ecosystem.

A Unique Meeting Place

Olky took advantage of its first participation in the Surfin’ Bitcoin conference to present its new visual identity, in a stand decorated in its new colors.

This meeting point offered visitors coffee, sweets and other goodies, during discussions with members of management and marketing, and blockchain developpers.

A great opportunity to present and share our vision of the future.

This presence on the stand also served to first unveil and then explain the key points of the discussion workshop we led, devoted to banking and financial services for web 3.0.

Indeed, Karima Lachgar, member of Olky management, led a participatory workshop on this theme which attracted many participants wishing to better understand the specific issues and needs of web 3.0.

This intervention was a great opportunity for Olky, which enjoys more than 1 million users throughout 33 different countries, to present the most recent developments in its range of open banking services, designed to meet the needs of fiat/crypto players under the web 3.0 ecosystem.

  • OlkyPay : quick and simple account opening with choice of IBAN!

    One of the flagship services is OlkyPay, the first neobank open to all, which offers individuals and professionals in all sectors of activity, even High Risk, a complete range of banking services.

    This range was recently enriched with an agent offer dedicated to PSAN/CASP registered and approved in the EU which allows them to present accounts and payment solutions in euros as well as on- and off-ramping (fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat conversion).

    These same PSANs can also benefit from a solution for ring-fencing fiat funds providing the level of protection of customer assets set by the competent authorities as part of their registration or approval procedure.

  • OlkyPass: a KYC passport for professionals and individuals.

    Second highlight of this presentation, OlkyPass, which combines KYC and KYT (Know Your Client / Know Your Transaction) services and simplifies the customer onboarding process.

    With OlkyPass, neither the customer nor the merchant has to worry about KYC and KYT procedures.

    Upon validation of the personal information collected, the “KYC Pass” is granted to the customer and is reusable throughout the whole ecosystem of Olky and its partners.

  • OlkyWallet: Cryptos and euros in the same wallet with IBAN.

    Surfin’ Bitcoin also brought the announcement of Olky’s latest development in terms of crypto offering, planned for 2024 : OlkyWallet, where fiat currencies, crypto-currencies and other crypto-assets will be easily stored and managed.

    OlkyWallet will notably enable instant ramp-ons and ramp-offs, planning and automation of purchases and transfers, tracking the price of listed assets and much more.

I'm opening an OlkyPay account!

Olky generated such enthusiasm for its first participation in Surfin’ Bitcoin that it has already announced its presence at the 5th edition of this event, which has become unmissable for those interested in fintechs, web 3.0 and the crypto ecosystem.

Olky aims to anchor itself in this universe by equipping itself with a complete, integrated and secure digital currency management offer and invites you to discover its range of services :

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